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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Liver Salad


2 parts boiled liver
1 part grated cheese
1 part grated walnuts
Pressed garlic and mayonnaise on taste


Peel liver, and cut it into julienne-style pieces.
Mix all ingredients, let sit for 20 minutes at room temperature, and serve.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Steelhead Mousse under sauce

Ingredients for 8:

1.5 lb lightly salted steelhead fillets
1 lb cheese ("Philadelphia" or another of that kind)
1 pack dill

For Cress-Salad Sauce:

350 g hard whipping cream (30% fat)
2 lb cress salad

For Saffron sauce:

1 lb hard whipping cream (30% fat)
1 g saffron


Cut steelhead fillets into small cubes, cut dills thinly, and blend them with cheese.
To make saffron sauce, boil whipping cream mixed with saffron until its volume is halved, on small heating. Cool.
To make cress salad sauce, boil whipping cream until its volume is halved, on a small heating. Cool.
Then, blend whipping cream with cress salad until an even consistency is reached.
To serve, shape 3 pieces from the mousse using 2 tablespoons, put them on a serving plate, pour a portions of saffron sauce and cress salad sauce to get nice decorations, and sprinkle with dills.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Pâté "The King"


0.25 lb dried Porcini mushrooms
0.5 lb beef (or pork) liver
1 large shallot onion
3 medium carrots
2 hardboiled eggs
2 sticks butter (100 g)
Mayonnaise and salt on taste


Boil dried mushrooms (for about 2 hours) and liver (for about 20 minutes) separately.
Cool them, and grate together.
Grate onions and carrots, and fry them with butter for about 10 minutes with low heating, stirring thoroughly.
Grate the eggs.
Mix all the ingredients together, add salt and (optional) Mayo on taste, stir well, and cool.